Adaptive Gaming

WMS' revolutionary Adaptive Gaming® product category is a fully immersive, persistent-state gaming experience that adjusts to players' personal preferences and accomplishments. Players collect medals in bonus rounds to unlock new STAR TREK™ episodes, and can now save their progress with a login and/or ticket and resume play where they left off, no matter what casino they beam into.

Since wide-spread release, over 300,000 unique logins have been created, worldwide! With the recent release of the 6th episode, Mirror Mirror™, now is the perfect time for you to boldly go where no player has gone before!

Star Trek Episode 1: Eplore New Worlds

In the premiere episode, the crew of the Enterprise set out to explore new worlds. Players earn medals as they select between the picking Beam Me Up Bonus and the free spin Red Alert Bonus. Players also enjoy four episode-specific Win Warps!

Star Trek Espisode 2: The Trouble With Tribbles

The Enterprise crew certainly has their hands full in this episode, contending with a rapidly multiplying hoard of fuzzy aliens. Players can opt for the pinball-like Tribble Ball Bonus or the free spin Trap a Tribble Bonus. Players may also trigger four unique Win Warps!

Star Trek Episode 3: Trek Through Time

Join Kirk and Spock as they beam from mobster-ruled 1920s Chicago to gladiatorial Rome in this danger-fraught episode. Two bonus options await players, the free spin Vortex Bonus and the picking Rescue Bonus. If eligible, four Win Warps may randomly trigger during game play!

Star Trek Episode 4 Now Unlockable: The Enterprise Incident

Prepare yourself for the latest adventure in the Star Trek™ universe: The Enterprise Incident! Straight from the classic episode, the crew of the USS Enterprise go toe-to-toe with the Romulans! Players may choose between the Romulan Codex free spin bonus and the Romulan Minefield picking bonus! There are also 4 Win Warps featured, including the brand-new Symbol Upgrade Win Warp!

Star Trek Episode 5: Live Long and Prosper™

In this intense episode the Enterprise crew beams down to the planet Vulcan where Kirk and Spock are forced to do battle. Two bonus options await you, the free spin Live Long and Prosper Bonus and the picking Amok Time Bonus. If eligible, four Win Warps may randomly trigger during game play!

Star Trek Episode 6 Now Unlockable: Mirror, Mirror™

Keep watch for doppelgangers of the U.S.S. Enterprise crew in this classic episode. Two bonus options await you, the free spin Mirror, Mirror Bonus and the picking Crew Search Bonus. If eligible, four Win Warps may randomly trigger during game play!

Win Warp

For a 10 credit exra bet, players are eligible for the Win Warp Feature. At the end of any winning spin, eligble players may be randomly awarded 1 of 4 possible Win Warp features. These features consist of win multipliers, multiplying wilds and more! Be sure to make the extra bet so you don’t miss out on this exciting winning opportunity!