Party Train™
Available in unique Video and Mechanical Transmissive Reels® base game versions, Party Train slots introduce the Move Feature that can randomly take players around the MONOPOLY board for free spin enhancements, bonus triggers, mini-bonuses and more! Enter the Free Spin Bonus to find your bonus round enhanced with extra spins, 2 WILD Reels, extra dice rolls or higher available board values, depending on your position around the MONOPOLY board. All aboard the Party Train!

Key Features

Free Spin Bonus
Triggered by 3 or more BONUS symbols, players start their free spin bonus at GO, Just Visiting or Free Parking (for 3, 4 or 5 triggering BONUS symbols.) Players start with 2 dice rolls that take them around the board to determine the number of free spins they receive, and each bonus is enhanced in one of the following ways (depending on where players are on the board when the bonus triggers):

  • Reading Railroad: Higher board values
  • Pennsylvania Railroad: 2 WILD Reels available on every spin
  • B&O Railroad: up to 20X multiplier available on every spin
  • Short Line Railroad: a 3rd dice roll to start the bonus is available

Move Feature
At coin-in, players begin at GO. The Move Feature randomly occurs after any base game spin, taking the player clockwise around the board to randomly stop on a property for a credit award or one of the following features or mini-bonuses:

  • Go, Just Visiting, Free Parking, Jail Bonus
  • Community Cheat Feature
  • Chance Feature
  • Electric Company Bonus
  • Water Works Bonus
  • Park Place Bonus
  • Boardwalk Bonus

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27-Lines for 30 credits