Introducing the industry’s first truly competitive slot experience! Pirate Battle is the first product available on four side-by-side Bluebird xD™ cabinets with special 32-inch overhead monitors. These monitors join to form a massive, singular screen on which competitive Team Compete to Win™ bonus rounds play out at bank-wide level.

How to Play

When the Pirate Battle bonuses randomly trigger, if you're eligible you'll enter either the Free Spin Battle or the X Marks the Spot® bonus round. All credits awarded through Pirate Battle bonus are multiplied by your individual Team Compete to Win multiplier.

Free Spin Battle

All eligible players enter a free spin bonus in which the left two machines on the bank, the Blue Team, engage in a 2-vs-2 battle against the right two machines on the bank, the Red Team. Any jackpot awards won by either team member are won by their teammate as well, if eligible.

X Marks the Spot

All eligible players enter the bonus as part of the Red Team or Blue Team. Each team has a ship firing cannons — last team whose ship shows a prize remaining is the winner of a random credit award.

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