WMS is proud to bring Lucky Meerkats™, the player-favorite game where no two bonuses are the same, to the Central Determination market. Players will want to watch for the 2x Wild symbols to appear. Not only do they double pays, they can also double winnings in the bonus round! Lucky Meerkats, where no two bonuses are the same, is an exciting, high energy game that is sure to be a hit with the Central Determination player.
PICTURED: Central Determination

How to Play


  • Wilds substitute for all line pay symbols, including the BONUS symbol!
  • On random spins, all WILD symbols turn into 2x Wilds and double pays in winning combinations
  • If a Wild is included in a bonus-trigger combination, the entire bonus win is doubled!


Lucky Meerkats Bonus


  • 3 or more scattered BONUS symbols trigger the Lucky Meerkat Bonus
  • Player chooses one of three crates to reveal a number of meerkats
  • One at a time, up to 20 meerkats dive out of the tree, off a crocodile's snout and into random burrows, awarding various credit amounts
  • A number of random events can occur during a meerkat's dive:
  • Belly of the Whale – The meerkat can be swallowed by a whale, where the player chooses items from the whale's belly to receive credit awards, until 'Collect' is chosen.
  • Meerko the Magnificent – The meerkat changes into Meerko the Magnificent and dives in the crocodile's mouth and is shot out high into the air accumulating credits as he rises.
  • Meerko's Moto Madness – Meerko may also try an amazing motorcycle jump over the mouths of waiting crocodiles. If he can't make it completely across the jump, a credit amount is awarded, and the crocodile that eats the motorcycle awards a multiplier.
  • Meerko's Daring Dive – Meerko may also appear as a high-dive artist, performing amazing moves for the judges who appear behind the burrows. After the dive, the judges show their scorecards, revealing a 3-digit credit award for the player.
  • U Can't Touch This! – The meerkat may change into a breakdancing hip-hop star, dancing between burrows, awarding a string of credit amounts until the music stops.


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