G+® is a line of volatile, primarily free-spin-based games with a streamlined interface. Big reel symbols, large win meters and universal “Big Win” audio create a high-energy experience designed to help celebrate the win. The consistent design attributes, such as the G+ logo and the aligning gold bars on the top glass, make it easier to bank G+ games together so players can find their favorite game, regardless of theme.
PICTURED: Central Determination

How to Play

Free Spin Feature

Three or more scattered BONUS symbols trigger the Free Spin Bonus. The player wins 8 free spins initially at 1x. For each spin, when a specific winning combination is won, the multiplier for that winning combination increases. If the combination is won again during the free spins, the multiplier increases again. The multipliers continue to increase by 5x each time until they reach 25X.

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