The Two Towers™
The epic slot adventure continues, now with twelve unlockable bonuses! Expanding on the excitement of the first THE LORD OF THE RINGS game is its sequel, The Two Towers.

How to Play

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The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers picks up where the original game left off. Travel through the second film in the motion picture trilogy, earning miles and unlocking bonus content along the way. Featuring the player-activated Power Spin™ “free spin features” and four all-new bonus rounds, this worthy follow-up is sure to delight fans of the first epic slot adventure.

Gollum’s Wild and Fell Beast Features

  • Random features award WILD symbols

Power Spin

  • The 5 types of Power Spin awards return: Frodo Wilds, Random Reels Wild, Win Multiplier, Scatter Spin and Bonus Booster
  • Power Spin awards can be collected and used at any time during play session


  • THE TWO TOWERS continues the adventure from THE LORD OF THE RINGS; in addition to the original 8 unlockable bonuses, THE TWO TOWERS features the following 4 unlockable bonus rounds: Dead Marshes, Last March of the Ents, Gollum™ & Smeagol™ and Helm’s Deep.
  • Bonus availability is determined by the amount of miles earned

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